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She definitely has a lot of admirers. Nala Ray, a 25-year-old model for OnlyF, has over 7,000 digital friends on the platform because she doesn’t want to meet men in real life. Ray told, “I had two choices.” Either I’ll date someone online or I’ll have a very normal person as my only friend who can’t handle the fact that I get attention in public or that I make a lot of money. “I select the latter,” she emphasized.

Reality Behind Queenpatrona video leaked.

The native of California, who asserts that her monthly income is $300,000, explained that she has ended her relationship with her “possessive” partner and is now concentrating on her online men, whom she greets each morning with personalized messages. The influencer revealed, “Every morning I would send something happy to my friends, and then some of them would reply and we would chat for a while.” She portrayed the discussions as much the same as a “full relationship.”

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Examine what’s happening in their lives, how their days are going, and even the way in which their rest is going. She insists that the “real” her is the OnlyF persona. She fundamentally shoots her substance at home and “at the time”.

“If I got a boyfriend [in real life] and started sharing my attention with them, it would distract me, and It’s really important to develop these relationships with these people,” Ray told She believes that a real relationship could negatively impact her flirting on OnlyF.

They know I’ll be there for them when they need me, which makes me very happy. Ray not only has a large following on OnlyF, but she also has 584,000 Instagram followers and posts under the handle @fitness_nala.

She frequently receives public recognition due to her large following, which can be challenging for some potential partners. She ponders, “It tells them that this person saw their friend naked and they thought it was unfair.”

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