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In today’s article, we will go into the hottest news on the Internet, the YouTube video of Kulhad Pizza Couple, where users want to watch the full video online through the Twitter link. This story raised many questions in people’s minds. They are a famous couple and they have a lot of fans among people. Now, Jalandhar’s Kulhad Pizza couple is under fire after a private video went online.

Watch Viral Video of Couple at Kulhad Pizza Online

A viral video of Kulhad couple has taken the internet by storm. Many users want to watch original videos online and search for Reddit, Twitter and YouTube links. According to the report, these allegations were denied by Sehaj Arora, the owner of Khullad Pizza.

The video circulated on the Web and sparked the interest of Internet users. Their followers do not believe in the video and are trying to find more details about the story. Arora reportedly decided that the viral video was fake and the video was made by AI. There are many things left to tell you about the story, which you will find in the next section of the article.

Kulhad Pizza couple viral video Twitter link

The couple made a video of the accused couple’s Kulhad pizza, the link of which was posted on Jalandhar, YouTube, Reddit and Telegram. When they heard about the viral video, they were shocked and took action. He filed an FIR at Thana Number 4 of Jalandhar after he was hacked on the popular Instagram platform. The video was released 15 days ago and news reached Instagram, which also has the clip.

The user shared a letter with them and demanded payment or else the user will release the video online. However, he decided not to give any money and registered a complaint on the same. He was on another job so the police could not do anything else. After some time, a video appeared, which was fake.

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