Watch: Haris Namani of Love Island seen knocking out man during a street fight, video goes viral

In the frightening video of a street fight, Love Island’s Haris Namani hits a man while exclaiming that he’s “not a bully”

Haris Namani knocked a man to the ground during a street brawl.

The 21-year-old boxer has already engaged in combat with fellow islander Shaq Muhammad while he is staying in the South African villa for the winter season of the ITV2 programme. And now, a video from May of last year that The Sun obtained shows Haris fighting with another man after a night out in his hometown of Doncaster.

Haris Namani of Love Island seen knocking out man during a street fight, video goes viral

The reality star and the other partygoer can be seen squaring off and trading blows in the video. The second man eventually loses his balance and falls to the ground when Haris strikes him in the chest. Moreover, is overheard saying, “I’m not a bully, I’m not a f***ing bully,” during the argument.

A friend of Haris revealed that they were all shocked when they heard Haris was going to Love Island. Haris has a really bad temper and is more than willing to engage in combat if someone says something. Since he is a boxer, he is aware of his ability to harm. Moreover, he practises four times per week, the friend continued. That sort of thing must remain in the ring. ITV surprised him by not conducting more research. It is still unknown whether Love Island executives would react to the video.


Who is resident boxer Haris Namani?

Here is some information on Haris as we continue to get to know our brand-new winter Love Island cast as they look for love in South Africa.

Haris is the competitor from 2023 who is now the youngest at 21 years old. He is currently dating the oldest islander, Olivia Hawkins, a 27-year-old actress and ring girl. Despite his youth, he is not the youngest islander we have ever seen on the program—Love Island has come under fire when 19-year-old Gemma Owen joined the cast of Love Island 2022.

What is his boxing record?

Before moving into the villa, Haris worked as a TV salesman and a boxer. He claims that his mother thinks he resembles the football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. Although his boxing record is unknown, he does train at Sheffield’s Steel City Gym, which is home to several well-known figures in the boxing world.

According to what can be seen on his Instagram, he has participated in several amateur fights and has posted several videos of boxing workouts.

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