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According to online reports, shortly after Anjali Arora’s video on the reality show ‘Lock Up’ went viral, a special video of Bhojpuri film star Akshara Singh (MMS) went viral. This is done. It is said that the boy and the girl in this video are in inappropriate conditions. After hearing the rumours, Akshara’s fans accept the fact that the girl in the clip is actually their idol. According to many theories, the film was rigged.

Along with the MMS report, a video of the actress crying was uploaded to the internet. Some speculate that Akshara is noticeably upset with this clip after the MMS that was shared online went public.

Akshara viral video fake or real

Earlier, a privacy video made headlines after Instagram star Anjeli Arora’s Kacha Badam dance video went viral. But she said others, not herself, were trying to slander her. Anjali Arora, finalist of Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Up reality show, has been spotted in the past. But in all of these movies, the real story is told.

The actress has been the subject of a fake news campaign for several days. It’s been 2 years since the crying video, and the MMS video of Akshara Singh has yet to be released. However, on September 13, 2022, YouTube channel Moz Music Bhojpuri uploaded a clip of the actress with the caption “MMS video of Akshara Singh went viral”.

The Queen of Bhojpuri Akshara Singh does not have to be unknown. Every day, Akshara uses her talents to take a new step towards success. While Akshara was working hard, other things happened. Instead, he created and distributed fake MMS videos.

Many videos uploaded to YouTube claim that the Aksharah Singh MMS video was leaked and spread false facts. First of all, no Akshara Singh film has ever gone viral.

This is why you should refrain from playing these stupid videos on the internet. It’s hard to imagine a fake MMS sent by Akshara making headlines and explaining the story through a video from two years ago. Akshara Singh’s video is available on YouTube’s Moj Music Bhojpuri channel.

Akshara Singh Viral MMS Video Download Link


Akshara Singh just posted a video of about a minute. The woman cries and says she was sexually assaulted in this video. Those who love me now will love me forever. There are no restrictions on location or schedule.

But why is this filth found only in the works of Bozpuri, the price seems to be cheap here. Everyone seems to be trying to win everyone. His songs shouldn’t be played right now.

Neither you nor anyone else can get ahead of other group members. what is it for Many people think Akshara’s video going viral is her response to the MMS leak during the current scandal. In the video, the actress cries as she criticizes the critics and low standards of the Bhojpuri film industry by saying, “Tang Karke Rukh Diya Hai”. According to her reports, her song “Makar Sankranti” last year caused quite a stir.

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