Video Link Girlfriend At Center Of Chandigarh Hostel

In the Chandigarh prostitution video leak, the police denied filming a female student, but Bhaskar reported that the girl filmed several prostitution videos of school girls and allegedly raped them with a man she knew.

You acknowledge that you have shared it. Dainik Bhaskar reported that the accused student confessed to recording several videos for the hostel manager. According to the report, citing the FIR, a group of girl students approached the hostel manager around 3 pm. on Saturday. They told him that a girl was making obscene videos of six girl students in the bathroom. The manager of the hostel, Rajwinder Kaur, kept questioning the girl.

Meanwhile, the hostel manager learned of the incident and ordered the girls to gather on the spot. At this meeting, the accused student was asked if he had filmed and broadcast, which he denied. No video was found in the investigation into the defendant’s phone. Charges were raised because the defendant continued to receive calls and messages from someone during the incident.

Video Link Girlfriend At Center Of Chandigarh Hostel

The manager asked the defendant to answer the phone and put it on a loudspeaker. The respondent was then asked to send screenshots of their chats to the caller. When the caller sent screenshots of the chat, it was learned that the video was sent to the person and he later confessed. The respondent later claimed that he made these films and then sent them to his friend Sunny in Shimla. After this confirmation, the manager called the police.

Questions have been raised about Mohali SSP’s claim that only one video was filmed. The Mohali SSP recently refuted reports that female students at Chandigarh University had leaked various footage of female students taking showers.

Video loss in Chandigarh University

On September 18, a Chandigarh University student allegedly shot a nude video while a college student was taking a bath and sent it to a man in Shimla. Additionally, media reports state that university administrators tried to hide the matter and did not inform the police or take any action.


The students, outraged by the university authorities, started a protest and the police were called. After reports of some students knocking over PCR vans, police used latti charges to disperse the crowd. The investigation is currently underway, and the exclusive will be revealed as soon as the police investigation is complete.

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