Update New Link Chelji Leaked Video Link, Rapper $ex Tape Viral On Twitter and Reddit

A video made a big round on social media over the past few days and the video has made Chelji’s rapper a subject that is trending on social media. Chelji is a rapper that is on the rising leaf that is famous for the title of the song “Know Bout” but now this rapper makes Buzz for himself because of the leaky video that travels and makes a round on Twitter and Reddit with the title “Rapper Chelji Riding”. This video has pulled it to the media center zone. But what kind of video hits and why do this clip make so many buzz on Twitter? Scroll down the screen to read further details that we have explained who Chelji is and why the Chelji rapper feels the heat of the center of attention for the past few days.

According to the report, a 40 -second long video appeared on Twitter a few days ago and now has become a viral element. In the video, the rapper is seen carrying out inappropriate activities. Chelji’s rapper viral video is personal but finally, it was leaked and was watched by thousands of netizens on Twitter. Scroll more to see it below.

People are accustomed to recognizing Chelji’s rapper because of their unique appearance because he has signed many tattoos on his face and other parts of his body. And he was also very popular because he became a Tiktok user but reported his previous account was dropped by the platform for violating the law of any policy. However, Chelji has collected a fan base for himself in Tiktok by creating another account that he made in July last year. Who is Chelji? We have mentioned several important points in the next section related to his personal life.

Rapper Chelji Leaked Video Twitter


Chelji was only 15 years old when he registered himself in a college. He became famous when he aspires to his career in Hiphop World by releasing a single titled “Drip” and then he released another song titled “Nah!”. You can also meet him in Insta where he has created his account with the username @lovechelji. A few days ago he posted a photo of his body tattoo on IG. Chelji is a British rapper born in Walsall, England. The IG account was attended by 231K followers. That’s all for now about Chelji. Stay connected with us for further details and updates.

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