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The link of Mangalore’s kissing scandal went viral on social media. Recently, social media was shocked with the latest Mangalore kiss scandal video on social media links. Well, where to get information about the latest viral release 2022 is here this time. If you are interested in this viral Mangalore Kiss video then read on the following comments below.

A video of a kissing contest hosted by students of a prestigious private school has gone viral. A crazy video of students from one of the leading private universities in Mangaluru (Mangaluru College) has gone viral. It is necessary to kiss in front of everyone in the rules of the game. It was recorded and posted on social media.

A video of a kissing contest being held in a house at a well-known private university drew the ire of many on social media. In the video, the students are also seen wearing school uniforms. Also, a student and a student kiss each other on the lips (student lip kiss), and the other students support it.

Students from the prestigious private university in Baba Tagude, Mangaluru, held a kissing contest for their classmates, which sparked a lot of interest. After the video went viral orally, the Mangalorian police started gathering information about the students in the video. Police are also said to be investigating whether the students used drugs in the kissing contest.

Mangalore College Students Kissing

It is known that this video was made in one room of the house. But what is the recorded house? No official information is known from any source about his whereabouts. It is said that the Mangalorean police have started an investigation into this video.

In addition, the students seen in the video are still in uniform. Thus, it is said that the police got information about which college the student came from. It is also unclear whether the student is an adult or under the age of 18.

Encouragement from other students!

Also, a student and a female student kiss each other while other female students sit around cheering in the video.

It is said that Mangalorean police have gathered information about this video and have started an investigation. In addition, it is known that the police will also investigate whether the students took drugs during the Kissing competition being held in Mangalore.


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