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Munch Rapper Ice Spice is on the hotline right now because it’s not good this time. A new rapper recently became known for his great music.

He posts his music videos on TikTok, SoundCloud, and even Spotify.

However, he only became famous because he was not far from his peak and became a big celebrity. Due to this momentum, people are now more interested in his music and his online presence, as this sudden rise has taken a lot of people by surprise.

Ice Spice has gained immense fame, especially from its newest super monitor, the Munch.Click To Watch:update-new-link-…itter-leaked-new After this road was discovered, it was widely used and loved by people. After that, he was even given the title “The Munch Rapper”.

How Ice Spice’s Relationship with Drake

A few days ago, Ice Spice shared a screenshot of pop star Drake’s DM on his social media. Drake told DM he prefers his own music.

It didn’t take long for Ice Spice to realize he was with Drake.

As the internet and followers waited, they started making random assumptions about each other.

Since Drake has been a single man for a long time, people are going to dictate the relationship, what kind of relationship it is and when.

Some people believe that Ice Spice is attracted to Drake. However, no one could confirm anything.

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Video Viral Rapper Ice Spice 

However, rapper Munch is now online for a completely different purpose. Undoubtedly, he is currently one of the most followed people on all social networking platforms and his popularity is increasing.

The reason is, a video of him and an unknown man leaked. Watch the full video below.

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