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The full video of Maegan Hall leaked has been trending on social media in recent days.This is not without reason, as users have been searching for the full video after news about Maegan’s dismissal from her job as a police officer in Tennessee, US.

According to various sources, Maegan was dismissed due to her involvement in wild actions that involved her colleagues.

Specifically, she was found to have had relationships with six other police officers.

Maegan had a husband named Jedidiah Hall, who she claimed to be in an “open marriage” with, but he did not agree. Maegan’s husband is a local state park ranger.

Currently, several officers such as Magliocco, Powell, Holladay, Lugo, McGowan, and Shields have been identified as being involved in relationships with Maegan.

Officers Lugo, Powell, and Shields were fired due to violating police procedures and lying during the investigation.

After initially denying the relationships, Maegan eventually admitted to them and also admitted to having a relationship with Lugo in a motel after they met at a Go-Cart center.

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