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Another Pakistani actress has found herself in controversy due to the release of a candid video. This time it is Aliza Sehar, who appeared in the most popular media section. A video released by Aliza Sehar, who is famous for her lifestyle and cooking videos, is being shared online with social media users shaming criminals and urging people to stop broadcasting the videos. away.

The suspicious video, which is circulating online, shows Aliza on a video call, revealing herself to the other person, but it is clear that the person on the other side is recording the video call. then released it online. The authenticity of the clip itself has not been confirmed.

Although the video sparked mixed reactions, netizens claimed that Aliza committed suicide when her video was released online. Who is Aliza Sehar?

Sehar has amassed over a million followers on YouTube and millions more on other social media sites, including TikTok. Showbiz and actresses are often victims of privacy violations, as their private videos and photos are often leaked online.

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