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As of late, a few photographs were posted via online entertainment showing a lovely lady wearing provocative garments serving hair to men in Puchong, Selangor.

Then again, the photograph has gotten such incredible analysis, as opposed to wargamaya and is thought of as unseemly to public review.

In any case, after the analysis, AJ Hair Studio Puchong explained the Facebook page and cleared up the genuine matter for the group. He said, the salon is only a normal spot that gives hair style administrations to individuals of different kalnagn.

Furthermore, what has occurred, the dispersed photographs are an error, so the proprietor of the salon took the choice to answer to the specialists.

The salon AJ hair studio denies taking pictures of models or profession, and it abuses security.

Photo Model AJ Hair Studio Viral

Behind AJ hair studio viral, the photograph has been viewed as a misconception, causing an objection, while the model has been working during opening time.

Dikutif of the internet based media, the Model is only a model of our huge opening. Try not to think much kindly, have a decent day.

Mamun, the photograph has proactively been spread via online entertainment and in the end many think twice about it since it has made the local area fretful neighbors so spread to other Asian nations.

So for those of you who have hardly any insight into this, we can introduce a past photograph that is viral.

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